Who we are

We are groups of individuals nationwide, including doctors, scientists and engineers, supported by a strong team of lawyers headed by Michael Mansfield QC. We have joined forces to commence legal proceedings to challenge the UK government’s failure to take sufficient notice of clearly identified health and safety risks of wireless radiation and the increased exposure from the deployment of 5G.

The risks are foreseeable and preventable. Current standards are not fit for purpose and obsolete. The case concerns defending our fundamental right to privacy and protection from experimentation.

We are not opposed to technology, we are opposed to untested tech. We want safe technology. In 2019 we were promised full fibre by the government which is less harmful, but this is not being upheld.

New technology requires decision-makers to weigh up probabilities of risk: that process has not occurred with either 4G or 5G.

Wireless radiation is being imposed on the population without consent and also without regard for the loss of our privacy through intrusive population surveillance and increasing social control.

Please see below a fraction of many testimonials.

We all thank you for everything you can do.

Who we represent

We represent all people in the United Kingdom because we have not been consulted, nor have we consented to the irradiation of our homes, our towns or our countryside. Our unified purpose is our support for this legal action to force the government to take notice that what is being done is wrong.

We are taking this action on behalf of citizens of the UK but also the global family. We ask all of the many supporters across the globe to support our case,  it will help all of us.

What should we expect

We all have a right to expect standards from our government that protect our health, our children’s health and our environment. The deployment by telecom companies of 5G is being allowed by government without proper regulation, oversight or monitoring.

‘The renunciation of doing harm is the perfection of discipline’ Shantideva

More About Us

Why did I become a campaigner?

5G is being rolled out with a complete disregard for the sanctity of life.

Many people are chronically sick from the levels of exposure we have with 2 3 and 4G, it is abhorrent that their suffering is being denied because it is an inconvenient truth. I am angry at the scale of what is planned with 5G without having any choice or provision of safe spaces.

When I heard about the plan for 20,000 satellites over head with all sorts of connected domestic devices and self driving cars, sensors and cameras on lamp posts, I was immediately concerned about privacy and freedom. I do not want to pay for my food with facial recognition or travel in a driverless car or have robots looking after the elderly or teaching children in a classroom.

I do not want trees being cut down in favour of microwave beams reaching their target so films can be downloaded faster. I do not want to lose our bees and with them all nature as we know it. I do not accept smart cities as a solution to a polluted world when clearly the energy consumption for manufacturing the devices and running the data centres is enormous. I do not want thousands of satellites beaming directly to our streets, theywill affect the electrical integrity of the sky, they only last 5 years leaving space debris which will continue to disrupt weather forecasting and astronomer’s ability to research.

Debates about the science and the detail are important but for me not as important as stepping back and seeing the picture of what is happening, profit before safety, collusion before truth.

I am not a luddite, I just love life.

Karen, Wiltshire 

I started campaigning about 5G over a year ago simply because I couldn’t NOT do it. I’ve never been a campaigner before (apart from a brief stint in my local FOE group many years ago), and it’s not my natural disposition.  My instinctive reaction to 5G and smart technology is ‘no, this is wrong!’ But I like to be able to back up my instinct with solid facts. And the more I’ve looked into what the copious science says about the biological harm from artificial electromagnetic radiation, the more I’ve come to the conclusion that we and the ecosystem in general already have too much exposure to RF microwave radiation – the last thing we need is more. And it’s not just about the biological effects, we also have to consider privacy and surveillance issues, not to mention the environmental/ethical effects of the vast increase in data transmission, and the raw materials needed for the ‘things’ that The Internet of Things will require.

Liz, Hastings

5G, as well as 4G, is being rolled out without proof of safety and without any account taken of the proven damaging effects on human health and the natural environment.

Satellites are being launched into the space around earth that belongs to the whole globe without the consent of the world’s population.

These actions are profoundly irresponsible. The human race is being used as guinea pigs for dangerous technologies whose “benefits” are negligible compared to the terrible harm they are already starting to cause.

The grave dangers include not only scientifically proven health and environmental impacts but surveillance of human beings on a scale dictators have previously only dreamed of.
This contravenes intrinsic, basic human rights, including the Nuremberg Convention. It has to be stopped!

Matthew, Bristol

I do not want 5G because I believe that apart from its harmful effect on animals, humans and Mother Earth, it has the potential to lock humanity in a technological nightmare from which there would be no escape.

Mandy, Bathford

I became a ‘Stop 5G’ campaigner largely due to my concerns regarding its safety in relation to our health and that of all Life on this planet Earth, particularly children and also our insects, especially pollinators such as bees.

There are numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies by those working in the field of electromagnetic radiation and its effects on health which continue to be ignored by our Government and mainstream media and which many of our population are unaware of, reassured by the likes of ICNIRP and PHE, both of whom are proven to be industry-led with compromising links to the Telecommunications Companies and therefore untrustworthy.

Other areas of concern are our privacy and surveillance, both of which are under threat from this unprecedented technology which is being rolled out relentlessly without our consent.

It is unacceptable that we are being treated as ignorant, tinfoil hat -wearing guinea pigs and that profit for the Corporations is being prioritised above our Human Rights and wellbeing.

I shall continue to campaign for an end to this digital insanity and take action to protect all Life on Earth.

Sarah, Keynsham

My PhD research was partially into the covert and lethal way so called ‘depleted’ radioactive weapons were used in Gulf War 1 in 1991. It was done under the radar against Iraqis and turned the Middle East into a radioactive human laboratory with high rates of cancers. The World Health Organization ignored it. With electromagnetic radiation, it’s the same shock and awe, part of a larger agenda to spy on, and deplete the immune system of the masses.. The perpetrators themselves will be affected. This madness has got to stop.”

Philippa, Bristol

I have felt inspired to share my efforts in raising awareness about the tyranny of 5G because I value our Health and right to choose what we expose our bodies to (health effects are fully established), but also our Privacy and Freedom. The rollout of such extensive mobile networks without any consent or respect is a Step Too Far.

Oliver, Forest Row

I feel that our lives and those of our children are being threatened by our own government. I have joined this campaign because the world’s leading experts in radio frequency electromagnetic radiation are calling for an urgent halt to the rollout of 5G, which will add greatly to existing wireless radiation emissions. Emissions from masts, routers and devices have already been proven to be a serious health hazard. RF-EMR has been shown in thousands of peer-reviewed studies to cause a range of harmful biological effects. The idea that non-ionising radiation is harmless is a disproven, outdated myth. 5G has been banned on health grounds in two major seats of power: Brussels (NATO, EC) and Geneva (WHO). It is not ‘green’ tech if it harms wildlife and raises carbon levels, as shown in analyses. 5G is a violation of human rights and it breaches the Nuremberg Code of Ethics regarding human subjects experimentation.

Sally, East Sussex

The rollout of 5G would make “Brave New World” or “1984” look absolutely benign! 5G is the foundation for the rollout of 6G as well as for AI and “the internet of things”.
Our democracy would turn into a nostalgically remembered vague memory of the past, it would become history
and would be replaced by technocracy, automation and increasing amounts of control. I have nothing to hide yet I value my freedom and my privacy and consider them important aspects of my basic human rights.

The rollout of 5G would be the worst repetition of history mankind has ever seen, yet, due to the severe biological damage microwave radiation causes to all life, many of us would not even be lucky enough to stay alive and healthy for long enough to witness the progression of what some call “technological advancement”.
The world 5G would bring is NOT the world I choose to leave behind for future generations.

What are you going to say should you be lucky enough to ever be asked by your great-grandchildren: “What did you do once you knew?” I am part of this campaign to represent all the ones who neither have a voice nor a choice in this: every bee, every tree, every born und unborn baby.

The rollout of 5G is unlawful and a crime towards humanity, towards our environment and towards all of life and I cannot and will not turn a blind eye. I do not consent to the rollout of 5G, artificial intelligence and the IoT.

Rhiannon, Devon

I am a mother and my independent research into the dangers of 5G technology has terrified me. There are thousands of scientific peer reviewed studies that have proven the harmful effects of Radio-Frequency Electro Magnetic Frequency radiation on animals, plants and humans, but unbelievably those studies are completely ignored by the International Commission on Non Ionising Radiation who have not done any safety studies at all into the devastating ‘non-thermal effects’ on health. Regardless, they have set a ‘safety standard’ which far exceeds the level at which severe harm is caused and yet they ignorantly maintain there is no danger.

Victoria, Bournemouth 

I oppose 5G. It is being rushed out without the proper safety tests being done. there is an abundance of evidence showing 2G-4G cause many serious health issues. close proximity and prolonged exposure to the cell sites and satellites will blanket the earth in radiation and we can’t escape it or opt out. It will particularly effect insects and children with developing systems and the electrosensitive. I am also concerned about how 5G technology will be used for IOT to eliminate privacy and turn us into a surveillance state. Speed and convenience is being valued over privacy safety and health.

Amy, Bournemouth 

I am retired now but previously worked as an engineering manager for a blue chip company. One area of responsibility was to conduct a Risk Assessment of Electro-Magnetic emissions from Wireless Devices as required by the “Control of Electro- Magnetic Fields at Work” Act 2016. To do this I checked through the scientific literature, primarily the “Bio-Initiative Report” of 2012 and the result were startling. As of 2017, even before 5G, the existing 2, 3 & 4G emissions were hazardous, albeit the effects were chronic (long/medium term) as documented in the peer reviewed, evidence based, data driven science literature.
This is what I find truly astonishing, that the evidence of harm is out there in plain sight in what must be, at the very least 10,000 scientific reports. And yet governments and the corporate world simply refuses to acknowledge the existence of this vast body of facts that clearly shows with data driven evidence that the EM emission from Wireless Devices are hazardous and can and are causing harm.

Derek, Frome 

I became a 5G campaigner because I see health as paramount. We have to question why there has been no testing, let alone public health inquiries, on the rollout of the infrastructure heavy new tech. Especially when Ofcom, the regulatory body, receives billions in funding from the telecoms who are releasing this onto us.
It is naïve to trust the companies who have so much to gain from this when they tell us, without testing, that the electromagnetic radiation they are releasing won’t interfere with the electromagnetic fields in our bodies. It’s like radio interference, however because it’s happening inside our bodies you can’t hear it.

Amy, Frome

5G is a weaponised technology its safety has been questioned by scientists in nearly 30,000 studies, many of them peer reviewed. The results of these studies suggest the likelihood of severe health damage to humans and wildlife. Telecommunication Companies, Government and local authorities have been relying on outdated information from Public Health England who have only addressed the thermal effects from unnatural EMF radiation. Such uninvited radiation without our permission is a trespass on our person and we reserve the right to defend ourselves.

Nick, Bournemouth

“Our exposure to this ubiquitous electrosmog is predicated upon fraudulent radiation exposure guidelines which are set by industry-friendly organisations. The warnings of hundreds of independent scientists and medical professionals from around the world are simply ignored. I want to help to bring to justice the corrupt and conflicted individuals and organisations that are complicit in what has been described as being the largest biological experiment ever.”

Dave, Sussex 

 “Faster download speeds, greater connectivity……at what environmental cost? It is evident that this planet cannot take any more electro-pollution, and we cannot just sit back and allow the wireless industry to inflict the biggest global injustice yet. To do nothing would be criminal.”

Julia, Sussex

I felt the urge to campaign against 5G after discovering an Ofcom document laying out the deployment and the future of mobile networks and the Internet; I read about IOT, AI and Machine learning and Data harvesting in Shoshana Zubov’s excellent book “Surveillance Capitalism” but most of all; the damaging health effects of EMF’s to all beings. The arrogance of government, and industry imposing 5G by stealth without necessary testing should come under closer scrutiny.

Robin, Somerset

The reason I started campaigning against 5G was, as an educator, seeing the increasing emotional and mental strain in children correlated with the increasing and more powerful Wi-Fi systems in schools and at home and realising 5G was going to be significantly more dangerous. Then finding out that 1000’s of scientists were warning about the biological impact, that no studies say it is safe and yet 1000’s of studies indicate it is harmful. That there has been no testing, no regulation, no safety standards and no risk assessment and yet it is being rolled out across the world and in space at an alarming rate. That brain cancer is now the biggest killer of children, but ICNIRP (the NGO that advises PHE, WHO, etc. on safety levels) are 14 individuals, not medics, with a revolving door with the telecommunications industry) set safety levels 100,000’s higher than other organisations deem acceptable.

CK, Devon

I started a local anti-5G campaign with a fellow activist having opposed the rollout of Wi-Fi in our children’s schools with some success. I am keen to speak the truth about modern wireless technology, and to protect our most vulnerable, including children and the electrically sensitive community to which I belong. The reckless deployment of 5G masts and antennas, including on lamp posts and school buildings, threatens not only human health but also wildlife, including trees and bees on which we depend for our survival. I also resist the smart city agenda of social control through data mining and surveillance.

Fiona, Bath

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, which I read in my mid-teens, set in motion a lifetime’s commitment to environmental advocacy and to speaking out about threats to the natural world.5G is potentially the biggest act of ecocide ever perpetrated on this long-suffering planet, and early and late warnings of impending harm are being consistently ignored by those tasked with protecting environmental and public health. I cannot think of a better use of my time and experience than to work to halt this reckless roll out and hold those responsible to account, instigators and facilitators alike.

Dr D L, South West

There have been numerous scientific studies published in peer reviewed papers that show microwave radiation is harmful to biological life, and therefore adding 5G and greatly densifying the radiation will make the situation much worse, if not catastrophic. The studies have proved that microwave radiation causes cancer, brain tumours, infertility, immune system suppression, cardiovascular problems and sleep disorders amongst many other effects. It has already caused damage to the planet, especially to the insect population, and therefore we need to stop any further use of this technology, especially as there are alternative and safer solutions to today’s communication requirements.

David, Bedford 

As a mother, I want to protect my much-loved sons from being bombarded by non-ionising radiation from smart phones, laptops, wifi and smart meters. I want to be free from the dread that they will get cancer or be unable to have children if they wish to in the future. I don’t want my children to lose their sense of connection to the real world, suckered into an addiction to the fake universe offered by virtual and ‘augmented’ reality computer games powered by 5G. As a conservationist, I am aware of the threat posed to wildlife by radiation exposure, particularly bees, our precious pollinators. As a human being, I despair at the increased levels of surveillance and ‘data collection by stealth’ that will come hand in hand with the 5G rollout. Enough!

Vanessa Bath