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Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance (SSITA) is a UK alliance of partner organisations, parents, teachers, scientists, lawyers and other experts who work together to identify the issues and concerns regarding wi-fi and other wireless technologies in schools, nurseries, day care environments and colleges.

My name is Laura Lauberte

I am the mother of an 8 year old. I became increasingly aware of the dangers that wireless radiation causes to human health and the environment through research and through talking to parents about our children’s health. My research into the complexity of this health hazard has led me to understand that children are more susceptible to the negative effects of wireless technology and this deeply concerns me.
My daughter’s school in London is located in close proximity to a mobile phone mast. While raising my concerns I have been met with polite answers that the school operates within the safety standards. This kind of answer is not good enough for me as a mother. I feel we all need to dig deeper into this matter and start raising awareness about the fact that the safety standards that the telecommunications industry use are completely outdated, and thus we the public are at risk . This is why I am a founding member of Mothers For Safe Technology. I want to contribute to this debate.

My name is Ieva Imsa-Guest

I am a mother of two. I started researching the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on human life and the environment when I became a mother 8 years ago. I have read many scientific studies since, and this knowledge has given me a profound insight into what wireless radiation is and just how little we – the public- know about it’s detrimental effects on us, and especially on our children. With knowledge comes responsibility. I am accountable towards my own children and I feel it is my duty to society as a whole to inform other mothers about the negative effects of wireless radiation on our children’s health.
It is our right as mothers to know and to have access to all the scientific literature on this subject. We need to become aware in order to be able to minimise the harm done to our children despite the irresponsible practices of the telecommunications industry. I cannot stay silent. As mothers we are advocates for our children at a time in their lives when they cannot do this for themselves. This is our maternal duty, and this has led me to become part of the collective (grassroots movement) Mothers for Safe Technology.

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Dr. Tom Butler is a Professor in Business Information Systems at University College Corkand a former IRCHSS Government of Ireland Research Fellow. Tom is the Principal Investigator of Ireland’s Governance Risk and Compliance Technology Centre

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