Matt Warman MP ex-minister for Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), the defendant in the recent Actionagainst5G legal challenge, recently supported his constituents in their desire to not erect a 5G mast outside a school, by intervening directly with the Telecoms company.

“Over the summer, a number of residents contacted me about their concerns over a proposed 5G Mast in Wrangle, and many more attended a public meeting I convened in the Village Hall. I have contacted those people who signed up to be kept up to date on this issue, directly.

In the course of that meeting, the vast majority of people expressed their desire to see improved mobile coverage in the village and across the county, and shared the ambition I pursued as a minister to see this happen rapidly. As I said then, I am confident this technology is being safely deployed in the UK, as it is being around the world as well.

It is, however, also the case that the positioning of masts is an emotive topic, and in order to maintain public confidence it’s important that networks get these decisions right. I am pleased that following my intervention, the Chief Executive of Three has agreed not to proceed with the proposed mast outside Wrangle Primary School and has now committed to exploring other more suitable sites in the local area. While this may take some time, I will encourage the company to do so as rapidly as possible.

As always, my priority is to listen to and represent the views of my constituents and I’m glad to have been able to ensure action was taken in this case.” -Matt Warman MP facebook post 6th September 2023

We would like to ask this: if the positioning of a mast, in this case outside a primary school, is an emotive topic, is it not also an emotive topic to position a mast outside a home, in a public area or indeed anywhere at all?  Clearly, if outside a school is unacceptable, is any place suitable? Children do not only occupy schools, they roam; they walk, play and sleep in almost every area of domestic habitation. Can we suggest that, as the positioning of masts is accepted as an emotive topic for Mr Warman, the positioning of masts in all areas can be similarly intervened?

As people with medical and metal implants are expressly excluded from ICNIRP Guidelines followed by the UK Government, will Matt Warman intervene similarly should a mast be proposed (or already exists) outside the home of any of his constituents that are not protected?

Such interventions to telecoms companies from MP’s on behalf of their constituents would be unnecessary if suitable regulatory procedures were in place. A new challenge to the government filed on 12th September is seeking to remedy  the government’s failure to enact public health protection within the  EECC directive when it was transposed in December 2020.