Confusion in Europe over the impact of 5G on health and environment


The radiation emissions from the huge masts that we all see appearing will not be avoided no matter who you are, including those who refuse to write about it or want to believe it will not harm them. 
How interesting that discussing the facts about health connections to radiation is considered dangerous. Dangerous to whom? If there are no dangers, why would the conversation be closed down?
The Council of the European Union, [Brussels, 9 June 2020 (OR. en), 8711/20 Shaping Europe’s Digital Future – Council Conclusions (9 June 2020)] “EXPRESSES the importance of fighting against the spread of misinformation related to 5G networks, with special regard to false claims that such networks constitute a health threat …”
Given the quite remarkable attempts to close down all discussion, along with the gigantic masts appearing everywhere, it may slowly become apparent to those who have had no idea what is about to assault them, that something is very wrong.  They may, with your help, learn a little more, especially when a recent briefing for the European Parliament in March 2020 states: 

“Questions remain unanswered as to what 5G actually is, what it is for, whether it has impacts on human health and environment, whether it is secure…”

How can both the above statements be true? Either there are unanswered ‘questions’ or there are no questions but merely ‘misinformation’ and ‘false claims’. Which is it? One has to ask, does the European Union know what the briefing to the European Parliament is saying? How about our government?
We will expose 5G for what it is. Stay with us, we’re on a mission.  We have all of you to thank for your incredible support in words and for your generosity in funds.
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