We are investigating the following concerns over 5G technology being rolled out:

Accountability: lack of radio-frequency radiation (RFR) expertise, control measures, monitoring, risk assessment

  • The absence of technological equipment to measure 5G and its beams accurately in real life circumstances
  • The absence of a competent authority, to monitor and ensure safety, that is accessible and available to advise authorities, enterprises and individuals
  • The absence of a competent authority required by the recently adopted 2018 EECC Code
  • The absence of monitoring the total RFR from 5G, existing multiple masts, smart city gadgets, multiple Wi-Fi and smart meters in areas of urban density
  • The absence of strictly observed and monitored hazard exclusion zones around live equipment


  • The absence of standards, so allowing dystopian cityscapes and landscapes to be created by ‘monster masts’ and proliferation of devices on every street; uglifying the face of communities with imposing fifty feet high structures of Big Brother proportions, will have dehumanizing impacts

Bio-effects (human health, animal health, vegetation)

  • The absence of investigation of antibacterial and antibiotic resistance from RFR
  • The absence of realistic/real life protective guidelines
  • The absence of official consideration of known dangers caused by RFR such as cancers, DNA damage, lower sperm count, adverse impacts on child development, electromagnetic hypersensitivity
  • The absence of medically trained physicians in the field of biological effects of non-ionising radiation
  • The absence of availability of any medical treatment for biological harm except the reduction of exposure, which is impossible
  • The absence of guidance on the conduction of EMR/RFR via metal implants, the implications for dentistry, wearable devices and metal on the body
  • The absence of any consideration of the adverse effects of RFR upon wildlife, including insects and most especially, pollinators such as bees.

Climate Change (C02 emissions)

  • The absence of a supply of sustainable energy to support the vast increase of electricity required by 5G
  • The absence of any means to deal with the excess heat from data centres and its contribution to global warming
  • The absence of consistency between notions of ‘sustainability’ and government digital roll-out ambitions


  • The absence of compliance with major laws and treaties concerning the right to health, a clean environment, low carbon emissions, data security and protection, privacy, democracy
  • Especially noted:  the absence of attention to the 1948 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 1947 Nuremberg Code
  • The absence of compliance with local planning laws that require independent assessment of evidence regarding health and environmental impacts of 5G

Conflict of Interest

  • The absence of investigations of industry-capture of ICNIRP, the private organisation which sets dangerous RFR levels
  • The absence of accountability of mainstream media and failure to declare financial conflicts of interest, such as ‘philanthropic partnerships’ with 5G investors


  • The absence of informed consent from citizens, especially of parents given that children are particularly vulnerable to RFR
  • The absence of the above information effectively reaching the public but the presence of an undue level of intimidation to prevent such information being debated or known
  • The absence of any demonstration of safety of this technology in advance, as is inevitable when marketing new drugs, imposing de facto a massive biological experiment without consent


  • The absence of cost-benefit analysis weighing up costs of new equipment, phones, devices, satellites, carbon emissions vs ‘benefits’ such as faster video downloads and augmented reality apps
  • The absence of cost-benefit analysis weighing up costs of medical care and environmental remediation as a consequence of RFR

Consultation and Warnings

  • The absence of informed debate in councils, governmental departments or in the national arena
  • The absence of attention to appeals and consensus statements from doctors, scientists and engineers
  • The absence of attention to rulings on safety in other countries’ jurisdictions
  • The absence of attention to EU/EEA Reports: Late Lessons from Early warnings; the EU SHEER Report; the Geronimo Report; the EU 5G Health Effects Report; the Ramazzini Report; the BioInitiative Report
  • The absence of attention to points raised after the government conducts ‘consultations’
  • The absence of government health warnings, after safety advice is published e.g., from the WHO

Cyber Security (5G is vulnerable)

  • The absence of policies to protect the public from 5G networks’ breaches of security and data privacy contravening the UK Data Protection Act
  • The absence of policies concerning surveillance tactics facilitated by 5G technology
  • The absence of appropriate measures to protect the transmission of vulnerable data
  • The absence of protection for any organisation, international, national or person, from organisational take-down or data hack

Materials and E-Waste

  • The absence of sustainable materials in the manufacture of equipment and devices or ecologically effective means to dispose of them
  • The absence of cost assessment or means to deal with e-waste associated with 5G technology: small-cell towers on rooftops, telephone poles, street lights: in order to deliver consistent coverage in cities, it is estimated there will need to be 125 billion connected devices by 2030, and a switch to 5G phones

Labour exploitation (mineral mining, child labour)

  • The absence of assessment of costs of human labour and resource extraction required for the manufacture of devices for 5G technology

Liability (lack of insurance)

  • The absence of assessing costs given that major insurance companies will not underwrite liability of damage to human health from RFR
  • The absence of cost/risk analysis regarding environmental and personal harm, and the potential unforeseen circumstances
  • The absence of any insurance cover against the named ‘high future risk’

Outer Space

  • The absence of appropriate global and national governance over the deployment of 50,000 satellites
  • The absence of mitigating the impacts of satellite transmissions from degrading the quality of world-wide weather observations, requested by meteorologists
  • The absence of a clear view of the night sky, satellites impede the study of astronomy and obstruct our natural enjoyment of the stars and planets
  • The absence of a means to collect and dispose of space debris from decommissioned or inoperative satellites
  • The absence of protection from risks to people, property, public health and the environment associated with the launch, in-orbit operation and re-entry of space objects
  • The absence of collective agreement on ‘shared ownership’ and responsibility for our skies, our airwaves and our living planet

Decisions are being made without your consent; please raise awareness of our campaign.

One of the many informative research papers is: Risks to Health and Well-Being From Radio-Frequency Radiation Emitted by Cell Phones and Other Wireless Devices – PubMed:  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31457001/