Online Daily Mail Readers concerned about surveillance, health risks, data mining and increased electrical consumption of 5G

The world’s most read online newspaper, the Daily Mail, ran an article on 9th February about the plan to install new 5G devices on road signs, bus shelters and  traffic lights. The UK government has announced it wants to bypass Councils to make it easier for telecoms companies to put antenna on public infrastructure. 

“Phone users need to be closer to so-called 5G ‘cell sites’ in order to receive good signal – as the mobile network, though quicker, has a smaller range. Firms are able to create mini phone masts around towns and cities by installing the kit into street furniture, such as road signs and CCTV poles.

But the process of identifying places to put them has so far proved ‘difficult and time consuming’ – and has held up the roll-out.” 

Britain’s 5G boom is set to be boosted with new kit | Daily Mail Online

The first 106 comments reveal:

  • Objections to 5G being given priority over lacking 4G coverage
  • Objections about the energy consumption
  • Lack of risk assessment or safety reports
  • 25% of the comments concerned known health implications: cancer, headaches and others
  • Objections to data mining and implied surveillance

Here are three of the comments posted:

“Total surveillance of everything, everyone and everywhere. This investment is not so that you can download a film or game a bit quicker. We don’t need it – but THEY DO.” 193 likes, 20 dislikes.

“Lots of children at an American school were getting ill.. all of a sudden headache..nausea.. generally not feeling well as soon as the 5G antenna was installed on the roof of the school.. it was removed the problems went away.” 249 likes, 42 dislikes.

“5G needs 3x more electricity that 4G. So much for the government’s climate change goals” 217 likes, 26 dislikes.

The responses indicate a substantial disapproval of 5G, that people are not fooled by industry’s claims of ‘public benefit’ and object to giving more powers to the tech industry and disempowering their own representatives, and are incensed that £4 million of their taxpayers money is being directed towards boosting tech industry profits.

The most popular comment with 349 likes, seven times more than the 49 dislikes, was “This 5G isn’t for OUR benefit”.