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We want to thank our barristers, Michael Mansfield QC, Philip Rule and Lorna Hackett for their very considerable achievement in obtaining permission at the Court of Appeal for a full Judicial Review to proceed in our case. We owe them an enormous debt of gratitude for their commitment and persistence over the last 2 1/2 years, their astute understanding of the issues to be challenged and their clearly written court documents. Without their experience and wisdom we feel sure we would not have come this far.

We need now to turn to you for support. Our coffers have now run dry of funds and we ask all of you, please, for help. If all of you can give even a small donation, together we can carry on.

We currently wait for the Court to provide its directions to prepare for the full hearing.

Since first lodging our case last year there have been many further scientific reviews and evidence published.

RFR in the environment is an issue that we must challenge and, contrary to industry and government claims, research shows that 5G is not a green technology. Your friends and colleagues may not consider themselves to be in peril but they may be concerned about the harm caused to the environment and /or the increased carbon footprint.

Many Councils wish to promote their ‘core objectives’ and ‘green credentials’, they aim for greater biodiversity and sustainability. This is laudable. However it seems that many are unaware that 5G, in addition to 3-4G together with the internet of things, will require hugely increased energy demands that will result in higher greenhouse gas emissions and a greater carbon footprint. Each 5G mast requires approximately 3 x times more power than a 4G mast (as much as 73 typical homes).

Please help us by conveying to those with these high objectives facts such as:  greenhouse gas emissions due to 5G infrastructure will increase, mainly due to the electricity use, but also infrastructure manufacturing. It is recognised by the industry that 5G technology will dramatically increase the demand for mobile data and the overall energy consumption, called “rebound effect”. Mobile operators’ association GSMA and telecom manufacturers warn about the dramatic increase in electric consumption of 5G compared to the 4G era. 5G base stations have a higher peak radiation power than 2G-3G-4G combined (EIRP – Effective Isotropic Radiated Power)

What steps are being taken to quantify and address the impact of electromagnetic emissions on people and on species such as pollinators and trees so vital to our environment? You will be aware that ICNIRP does not at all address the well-being of the environment in its ‘guidance’.

In 2020, Alain Thill, MSc, reviewed 55 scientific studies about the impact of telecommunications’ electromagnetic radiation on insects: most found significant adverse effects starting at exposure levels 400 times below ICNIRP’s guidelines, including chronic exposure to lower levels such as those emitted by cell towers ( In 2007 already, Ulrich Warnke, PhD, published: “Animals, which depend on the natural electric, magnetic and electro-magnetic fields for their orientation and navigation within the earth’s atmosphere, are technically confused by the much stronger and constantly changing artificial fields and cannot find their way back to their hometown.” (translation) (, 2007)

Beside animals, harmful effects on trees and plants have been reported from cell sites. Vegetation plays a crucial role in the absorption of carbon dioxide and the regulation of the greenhouse effect, but also in human food and livestock. (

Please see in other news items on this website a recent report on the recent decline in insects.

We are aware from our inbox of the many who increasingly feel unwell as a result of radiation in the environment. Please help us by circulating our website that provides information to those who may not yet be aware of our work.

Again, thank you for your generous support. We are not idle, we continue to liaise with experts and campaigners across the globe and, most importantly, our legal team are now preparing for the full court hearing so please give as generously as you can.

With all good wishes

AA5G team