Video: War-gaming for Profit

The strategies of war gaming and the consequences 

“…a pattern has been clear since the 1994 war game memo, all scientists who found a problem with microwave radiation from our cell phones and smart phones subsequently got a problem themselves…”

Science journalist for the Austrian magazine, Profil: ‘You can see that on the subject of mobile radio it doesn’t stay with the science and there is no longer any objective discussion. There is quickly a personal attack deployed with heavy artillery to simply attempt to destroy the private lives of scientists. And it was really shocking to see the methods used.’

“A side effect of strategic war gaming that should not be underestimated is that of intimidation, who would want to mess with an over powering, well funded industry just because a health risk might be found?”

I know of researchers who have actually been involved in this, who have said: ‘I never want to do any more research on cell phone radiation, because if I find out it is harmful to health, then the lobby will destroy me’

‘This has become a hot potato, because they are afraid that they will be destroyed not only scientifically, but also personally, as was experienced in Vienna'” 


1983 Motorola mobile phone…smart phone in 2007… In the beginning, mobile technology was an elite technology, and almost overnight it became a mass technology. And this phenomenon not only surprised me, but also the economy’

“Surprisingly although microwave radiation is used for the transmission technology, US authorities did not feel obliged to demand a technology risk assessment from the manufacturer. Mobile phone pioneer Motorola was able to put the cell phones on the market by-passing the regulatory authorities.

“When the first scientific studies on possible health risks were due for publication in the mid 1990’s things got uncomfortable.

“A team led by Prof. Henry Lai of Washington University had found so called DNA strand breaks in animal experiments, the precursor to cancer was clearly visible under the electron microscope.

“The scientific findings, which were threatening from the point of view of the first cell phone manufacturer Motorola, were prepared in an industry friendly manner by the master manipulators. The lobby agency, Burson-Marsteller, they presented their client Motorola with a so called war game memo, a strategy paper with directives on how to down-play the study and discredit the scientists.”

Dr Martin Pall: “It happened over and over again in the US and in Europe


Investigative Journalist Mark Hertsgaard: “We look at the industry disinformation and propaganda campaign that for the past twenty-five years has been convincing the public that these cell phones are safe and the way they’ve done that is to war game the science as they put it in an internal memo from Motorola. They’ve funded their friendly scientists, they’ve attacked critical science, independent science, they’ve put their own people on to advisory boards.”

Dr Michael Repacholi, coordinator of the WHO’s Radiation and Environmental Health Unit, “was the official mobile voice of the WHO but he made mistakes (quote) ‘The funding that comes from industry has to go into a separate (…err) pot and (…err) then it’s provided to WHO‘.  He was finally exposed as “an industry paid advocate and trivialiser”, receiving “$150,000 a year directly from the cellular phone industry with additional money for meetings and travels …”

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Mosgoller: “It is not only the case that DNA breaks in some cells that react sensitively, we now also know why it breaks. We can describe the cellular mechanism behind this, which is an important finding from a scientific point of view to present the facts in a plausible way.

Mark Hertsgaard: “There was a peer review by independent scientists of the biggest study that the United States government has had to date on cell phone radiation. This was a study by the US National Toxicology Program that’s part of the National Institutes of Health, the study was commissioned by the US Food and Drug Administration, it released some preliminary findings …and then those findings were peer reviewed by independent scientists … and those independent scientists finally concluded that there was quote “clear evidence” unquote; clear evidence that cell phone radiation can cause cancers...”

“The Journal Microwave News (in 2016) reminded that, in fact, DNA strand breaks had been already found more than twenty years ago… ‘one of the NTP study coordinators warns urgently and demands immediate measures’: …’because of the widespread use of cell phones even a small increase in risk would have a serious public health impact, and in the meantime rather than telling people, if you are concerned this is what you can do, the health agencies need to promote precautionary measures especially for children and women

‘…we should no longer assume that any current wireless technology including 5G is safe without adequate testing because to not do so is not ethical... Dr Ron Melnick

Even with “malicious interpretation and distortion of facts”…”things are getting tight for the master manipulators.

“Telecom companies themselves have noted that ‘Electromagnetic signals …mobile devices and base stations may be found to pose health risks…’ Vodafone, Annual Report 2018

“So why are the EU Commission and our government turning a blind eye? They cite guidelines established by transnational scientific bodies, but Investigate Europe has found that these bodies are closed clubs, people with dissenting opinions are not invited in and a significant number of the scientists involved have received funding from companies with vested interests in the 5G rollout.”

With 5G there is no opt out. Dr Martin Pall: ‘so the plan is… to put out tens of millions of these new antennae without doing one single biological safety test and that’s absolutely insane.’

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