5G and the Internet of Bodies: an advantageous ’natural evolution’, or something to resist? 

Linking the global population (or as much of it as possible) to the internet via microchipping and implants is referred to as the ‘Internet of Bodies’. It is being vaunted as technological progress that can enhance educational, professional and medical needs worldwide. 

But perhaps you share our concerns about this particular plan for our future, on both medical and humanitarian grounds. 

Microchipping people would mean increased exposure to wireless radiation 24/7, which has obvious health implications (you can read more about those elsewhere on this site or at ehtrust.org, bioinitiative.org, and phiremedical.org). Even when microchips are not linked to the internet, they may adversely affect our health – microchips in pets, for example, have been found to cause tumours at the site of the chip: https://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/everyday-innovations/pet-microchip5.htm

Being permanently hooked up to the internet might also be viewed as being permanently linked into ‘central command.’ It could reduce our individual freedom of choice if, for example, bank payments or travel become more difficult as a result of choosing not to be chipped. It could even curtail our basic rights if a China-style social credit system were introduced, as has recently occurred in some places such as Canada and Pakistan (where governments froze bank accounts to silence democratic protesters). It would facilitate universal digital ID systems which would enable yet more lucrative data harvesting by corporations which may or may not have our best interests at heart. 

Perhaps there are some advantageous applications of microchipping technology that would work in specific situations, for example for very particular medical needs. But we have a right to informed consent and we should have the freedom to choose. At the moment, the ‘Internet of Bodies’ is being sold to us as the inevitable next step for mankind (or, should we say, transhumans); something that is ‘just happening’ or a ’natural evolution.’ Many of us who aren’t privy to the decision-making process aren’t so sure about that.

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